Using other forum and online shops for your ads

Be active where people are gathered on the internet and be someone who is fun, kind and trustworthy. Many active forums and mailing lists are scattered that you can use to promote your product when you pasang iklan there, but do not spam so you will not be kicked out of the community. Simply give your promotional short sentences on the footer or your signature if allowed by the owner or manager of the website.

Today there are many merchants who utilize the largest online community forums in your country to offer products and services. The number of visitors online shop very much, allowing you to open your own merchandise with various facilities offered on the forum buying and selling. In the online store, you can see the track record of each person in the activity of buying and selling transactions so it will help you to identify potential buyers who have malicious intentions. Make sure you learn first how to make a good sales stall so as not to be considered as an amateur seller.

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