Tips for during your pilgrimage in the Holy Land

Implementing all the pillars of the Hajj, but choosing Sunnah worship according to ability. Keep physical fitness with enough to eat, rest enough, and exercise while performing worship at the right time, either morning, evening, or night. Given the air temperature, there is cool but dry, pilgrims need to drink often so as not to thirst and throat does not hurt. Jamaah is advised to bring drinking water every time out of the lodge. Keeping the bedroom to stay roomy and not overcrowded by people or goods. Air circulation is enough, if enough sunlight, so it can reduce the germs of disease in the room. Aside from that, you might visit and find the recommended hajj and Umrah travel service.

Recognize places of public services and your country health post and record his phone number. If traveling should be a group and if you get lost immediately take shelter and go to your country public service or clan officers of the nearest pilgrims from your country (marked red and white flag).

If ill have to go to a doctor in your designated group who have enough supplies for the congregation medication. Keeping together with fellow worshipers. As far as possible stay in touch with family in the country. Always carry small bags containing money, passports, important letters, and address notes and important numbers. In addition, the address is also recorded on the mobile phone. It is anticipated if the mobile phone is low in battery.

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