Additional things you must check on a web hosting service

Well, this is the most important point, Where else should you complain if your website suddenly down or error in a particular function. Make sure your Hosting Provider is responsible for providing 24 Hours customer service. It’s because you will never know when and where your website will be in trouble. In the meantime, perhaps you might want to visit if you want to get some discounts for web hosting services near you.

In addition, note also Add-On Domain on web hosting service provider that you rent. This is a service provided hosting provider so you can run multiple domains on a single hosting account. This option is actually optional, If you only have one web then you do not need to prioritize Add-On Domain on your hosting. But if you have many websites you will save your money if your hosting provider provides Add-On Domain feature, since you do not need to buy hosting again for a new domain.