Tips for maximizing the SEO article

If we have finished setting Templates to become SEO Friendly, then it’s time we create a content or article SEO Friendly as well. There are 2 Things we should consider if you want to create an SEO Friendly article. In the meantime, you can visit to know the trusted SEO service in New York.

These two things are:

Keyword Density
Inter Linking

Both of these things greatly to improve On-Page SEO on our Blog. Ideally, a keyword density is in the range of 3 – 7%. But the value is not officially notified by Google, but the value I get from some small research I do, which is more than that would be considered spam, and if less then it would be difficult to ride in the SERP. And for interlinking, I will explain below

Remember that the article is an important part of a content, so you need to make sure that it will be liked by the Google and the visitors alike, so your website will have the better chance for reaching the high rank on the Google search result.