Do these if you want to check the damage on your split AC

The damage to split acts is freon leakage, this can be marked by the snow on the top of the evaporator and the 1/4 pipe installation that connects to the outdoor unit. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out to hire the trusted AC repair expert near you.

in addition to leakage freon, there are still more damages to the other.
why split ac does not want to cool??

1. Check on the remote control, what is the position of an operation mode in a cool position? if not in a cool position, move in a cool position.

2. Check on the remote control, what position the temperature setting is too high?
when it is too high, lower it to the smallest temperature.

3. Check outdoor unit, can power supply from an indoor unit?
you can see, what outdoor unit motor fan spinning or not?
when not spinning means not getting the electricity from the indoor unit.

4. Check on the outdoor unit, what is the small split ac pipe taking snow/ice?
if removing snow/ice means a split ac unit there is a freon leak.
locate the leak, fix and refill the freon again.

5. Check on the outdoor unit, measure freon pressure with manifold and measure amper compressor.
Normal compressor amperage values you can see in the table specification on the side of the indoor unit.
normal freon pressure, if no freon leakage occurs on the split ac unit, is 75 psi (if the compressor can operate).