8 Methods for attracting your web visitors

Besides using Social Media, what more effort can you do to get people to visit your website? Right now, we’d like to share with you 8 methods to improve your website traffic. Meanwhile, you should also check out this medium URL to know more about one of the finest SEO strategies.

1. Use the power of PR

Press Release still has great power for promotion. Make sure you put your website address link at the end of each press release.

2. Publish by your executive employees

Create your executive employees (managers) to meet the media for interviews for your company’s publishing needs and make sure that in their biography they are written links to your company website.

3. Internal links

If you already know exactly what SEO is, we are sure that you are also aware that in order to maximize SEO, we should not rely solely on external sources. We also need to improve the internal link strategy as well and ensure that Google gets all the signals that indicate which page is the most important of our website.

4. Job Vacancy

When you open a job, make sure you provide a link to your website. Thus, in addition, you will get potential employees, you will also bring traffic to your website. This is great for SEO!

5. Give “free images”

What do people like? Something free! Includes images that they can use without having to pay. Give free images to your website visitors as long as they include the source (ie, of course, links to your website).

6. Join the Business Association

By joining a business association, you have the opportunity to publish your website link on the business association’s website page.

7. Being a speaker at the seminar

Occasionally, try to be a speaker in a seminar on campus or school. In addition to increasing awareness of your brand or company name, events like this also allow you to promote links to your website.

8. Participate in charitable activities

Participating in charitable activities can be a good record for your company. In addition, events like this will also invite publications that let you promote links to your website as well.